Emerging Answers For Logical Secrets In Bathing Suits

Mitch Covington, Monster's vice president of sports marketing, told ESPN on Wednesday that the outfits are a fabric of what the company does at events it sponsors on site. Monster is in its first year of a deal that will pay NASCAR approximately $20 million a year for title sponsorship of its top circuit. "Monster has always been about racing and girls, and that won't change," Covington said. "When we first started in NASCAR with Robby Gordon in 2009, our models today were conservatively dressed compared to what they had on back then." The difference, of course, is prominence. Monster models in tank tops will be front and center, replacing Sprint models who wore firesuits in Victory Lane after a race. Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images Monster Energy received criticism on social media for the outfits the company's models wore at Sunday's Clash at Daytona. But Covington says he has had no discussion with NASCAR officials about changing the outfits and doesn't expect to. NASCAR models have worn even less material in the past, he says. "Look at the old races when the girls wore bathing suits," Covington said.

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