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The problem began this month when the paper’s new editor actually edited the thing, and Della Femina quit. “After 23 years of writing 52 columns a year for the East Hampton Independent, I’m pulling my ‘Jerry’s Ink’ column from the paper,” Della Femina, a self-described “prima donna,” told us. “The issue is that I’ve never had a single word questioned in all those years. (Granted, I was part owner of the paper until I sold it to Ron Perelman.) Now all of a sudden there’s a new editor who is rightly doing his job, but unfortunately it’s getting in the way of my desire to be as politically incorrect as I can be.” Della Femina sold the paper last year to billionaire and fellow Hamptons fixture Perelman. Stephen J. Kotz was named new editor in May. Della Femina, whose gadfly column has regularly blasted local officials, told us of his abrupt exit: “It all came down to one word where the new editor respectfully asked me if related site I would mind not saying ‘handicapped midget’ because it wasn’t politically correct . . . That, to me, was the first and the last straw .

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A woman holding a baby Romania may get bill letting women retire earlier By News from Elsewhere... found by BBC Monitoring These are external links and will open in a new window Image caption The draft amendments to Romania's Pensions Act offer women an incentive for giving birth Romanian mothers may soon be able to shopping online bahrain retire a number of years earlier, if a draft bill submitted to parliament is approved, it's reported. According to the Mediafax news agency, MPs from the ruling Social Democratic Party, along with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, have thrown their support behind an amended version of the country's Pensions Act. The draft document says that women should be able to retire two years early for every child they have over ten years old. Mediafax says that the bill was introduced because "more and more women who work give up or postpone having a child because of economic considerations". The agency notes that Romania's fertility rate has dropped to an all-time low, with the number of newborns in the country dropping below 200,000 per year. It says that this effectively means that the country's population is reduced by five Romanians every hour. The Evenimentul Zilei newspaper says that this may result in "major social problems", affecting the labour market, and health and pension budgets. The retirement age for women in Romania depends on the year they were born, but for most mothers born after 1955 it is approximately 60.
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